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On November 2, 1944 after dropping the payload on Germany, the bombardier looked at the navigator and said, "Milk run." Just then flack struck the B-17 knocking out one of the engines. The crew was forced to bail out over Holland.

That bombardier is my father, Nino Guiciardi, and this is his website.

The Crew of the '8 Ball'

 Pilot 1st Lt Jack T. Davis Athens, GA POW
 Co-pilot 2nd Lt Donald L. Kohlstedt Hollywood, CA POW
 Navigator 1st Lt Vernon M. Helleswig Maddock, ND POW
 Bombardier F.O. Nino L. Guiciardi Creighton, PA POW
 Engineer S/Sgt Dave Bloom Cleveland, OH POW
 Radio Man T/Sgt Rex E. Lewnfield Kalamazoo, MI POW
 Ball Turret Sgt Richard A. Martin River Route, MI POW
 Waist Gunner Sgt Everette G. Harris High Point, NC POW
 Tail Gunner Sgt Marvin B. Brown Evansville, IN POW
Onboard for November 2nd Flight
 Y-operator T/Sgt Alvin G. Bader KIA



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