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The Aftermath

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Bail Out Over Brummen

The Aftermath

All nine surviving crew members were sent to various German prisoner of war camps. Rex Lewnfield, for example, ended up at Stalag Luft IV at Grossstychow near the Baltic Sea. All four officers were taken to Stalag Luft III at Sagan, southeast of Berlin. Living conditions were miserable in these camps. The Red Cross provided help as much as possible, but could not prevent the prisoners from being hungry all the time.

When the Russian ground troops advanced and threatened to overrun the area in which both camps were located, the Germans decided to transport all the prisoners out. During horrendous marches and transports by train many prisoners died from exhaustion. Finally, the prisoners were liberated, either by advancing British units, as in Rex Lewnfield's case, or, as in that of the four officers, by armored units from General Patton's Army in the south of Germany.

After some time in Germany or Holland the men were assembled in Camp Lucky Strike in France. Finally all nine were shipped back and safely returned to the United States. They went back to civilian life and raised families. Jack Davis kept in contact with those people in Holland who had helped him in the war for some time, but never visited the country again. He died in 1984. The other crew members are still alive and some keep in touch with each other. Jack Davis' son, Louis, paid a visit to the area where his father had experienced such eventful moments. Nino Guiciardi is the first of the crew to return to Brummen in 51 years

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